PT. Cahaya Kalimas Utama

PT. Cahaya Kalimas Utama was established in 1995 and it was meant to serve building services in Jakarta area. It started with 8 people carrying 3 products (brand name) especially in valves and fittings. Through hard work and professionalism, PT Cahaya Kalimas Utama managed to survive the 1998 and 2008 economic crisis and we came up what we are today. Currently, We employ 85 people with 3 warehouses carrying Rp. 42M worth of products and 20 different brand names. Today We serve 500 customers in power plants, industrial, WTP/WWTP, oil & gas besides building services area throughout Indonesia. We play a very important role in serving the building services and industrial area with knowledgeable sales force, strong technical and inventory back up. We get continuing support from selected manufactures and sales facilities such as training center, machine work shop and warehouse.

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